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Notes: Erich Wolfgang Korngold • Benjamin Ellin • Jani Golob
Chamber Music for Strings and Piano
Niko Sajko / Lana Trotovsek / Miha Haas / Matej Haas / Oksana Peceny / Miladin Batalovic /  Ana Trnjar Pravdic / Tjasa Sulc Dejanovic / Maja Peternel / Levente Gidro / Eva Koprivsek / Gorazd Strlic

Track details: 

E. W. Korngold: Piano Quintet in E major, Op. 15

I. Mäßiges Zeitmaß, mit schwungvoll blühendem Ausdruck [12:06]

II. Adagio [11:01]

III. Finale: Gemessen, beinahe pathetisch [08:50]

• Matej Haas, MIladin Batalović (violins), Ana Trnjar Pravdič (viola), Nikolaj Sajko (cello), Tjaša Šulc Dejanović (piano)


Benjamin Ellin (*1979): Notes on a Scene for piano, violin and cello

I. Prelude [01:53]
II. Tableau I [03:57]
III. Interlude I [02:37]
IV. Tableau II [05:42]
V. Interlude II [01:21]
VI. Tableau III [03:25]

• Lana Trotovšek ( violin), Nikolaj Sajko (cello), Miha Haas (piano)


Jani Golob (*1948): Congruous Strings, string sextet

I. Tranquillo [04:02]
II. Largo [03:49]
III. Furioso [04:06]

• Oksana pečeny Dolenc, Maja Peternel (violins), Levente Gidró, Eva Koprivšek (violas), Gorazd Strlič, Nikolaj Sajko (cellos)

Carpe Artem : Notes is the first album by the Carpe artem chamber music cycle of the Amadeus Chamber Music Society in co-production with the Slovenian National Theater Maribor. Their mission is to provide a permanent source of chamber music concerts, performed by domestic artists in Maribor, as well as in Slovenia.

The selection of the program is based on lesser known, perhaps neglected works, which are rarely performed on domestic stages. The Slovenian premiere of the trio Notes on a Scene was given on a Carpe artem concert, whereas the composition Congruous Strings by Jani Golob was commissioned by the Amadeus Chamber Music Society. Even the works of the Austrian composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold, a Viennese wunderkind who immigrated to Hollywood and was awarded with two Oscars for his film scores, were still considered neglected until recently. His piano quintet is distinguished by the highly refined craftsmanship and profound late-romantic expressiveness.

“Wanderlust”, a strong impulse or longing to travel, was the much loved term of the German Romantic Époque. The painter Caspar David Friedrich, poets and writers such as Heinrich Heine, Wilhelm Müller and Joseph Victor von Scheffel, composers Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler and countless other artists tried to express their innermost feeling of Wanderlust through different aspects of their art. The flutists of the period joined them in this endeavour.

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