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Sanja Romić, oboe

Fionnuala Moynihan, piano


1. Felix Mendelssohn: Songs without Words, Op.67, No.1

2. Hamilton Harty: Chansonette

3. Svetozar Saša Kovačević: Cantilena

4. Božidar Kos: Reflections (solo piano)

5. Airat Ichouratov: Largo for Sanja

6. Malcolm Arnold: Fantasy for Oboe solo, op.90

7.,8.,9.,10. Dejan Despić: Ethno Sonata op.143

11. John Buckley: The Silver Apples of the Moon, The Golden Apples of the Sun (solo piano)

12. Nimrod Borenstein: Duo Concertant, op.73



Melodies of Nations is a project that celebrates the universal language of music and its cohesion with other branches of the arts, being under the inspiration of painting, poetry, tradition and personal lives of the artists who participate in it.

The highlights of the CD are the pieces commissioned from the British composer Nimrod Borenstein and Russian-Canadian composer Airat Ichmouratov for this particular occasion. All the pieces are presented in the unique way with deep and profound gift for music of both artists, whose music speaks louder than words.

Duo Romic-Moynihan was founded in 2012 by the Serbian oboist SanjaRomic and the Irish pianist Dr. Fionnuala Moynihan. They studied together at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest and it was here that their friendship began.
Moved by the tradition of their own countries, full of traditional and classical music, Fionnuala and Sanja initiated their first project ”Musical Postcard” in 2012. Their aim was to promote the Irish-Slovenian-Serbian cultural relation. Their project was widely supported by governments and cultural institutions of all three countries. Not only were the series of performances that they had in all three countries highly successful, but they also served to establish their musical and performing styles and character on the international stage. Both Fionnuala and Sanja’s innovative and energetic interpretations combine to create a wonderfully appealing performance to music lovers. Recognising common musical sensibilities, the artists are creating projects that reflect their recognizable musical styles by commissioning new pieces for oboe and piano. They have given several debut performances of pieces specially commissioned for this CD album.

Sanja Romić is a Serbian oboist, one of the most active oboists of the younger generation in the Balkans. As a versatile artist, she is highly interested in promoting the oboe, continuously researching techniques and ways to reach an easiness of playing, well-being and health care for musicians, creating her own teaching approach that she presents at her Summer Music Camp ”Playing with Ease” in Serbia. Sanja is Solo oboist of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and docent for orchestral studies at the Academy of Music in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Dr. Fionnuala Moynihan was the first person to be awarded a Doctorate in Music Performance by the Royal Irish Academy of Music and the Dublin City University.
Fionnuala is widely acknowledged as one of Ireland’s leading pianists. She has a particular affinity with the works of both baroque and classical composers.
Her debut CD ’The Ivory Lady’ was launched in January 2015. This CD is a classical-trad fusion CD and showcases Fionnuala’s love for both the classical and traditional music genres. Fionnuala currently teaches piano performance at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Romic-Moynihan Duo: Melodies of Nations - oboe and piano

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